MailerWeb (AcyMailing) is a Joomla extension that allows you to maintain true communication with your contacts through email marketing, newsletters, follow-up autoresponders, marketing campaigns, and more.

Thanks to this demo website, you can test all features of our component both through the front-end and the back-end with these access codes: demo / demo (* Note: no e-mail will be sent. This website and the data will be reset every hour. (Always on the hour))

Let's try MailerWeb!


On the front end you can see:

  • the subscription module
  • the subscription of the current user
  • the archive area

And when you log in as demo / demo, you have access to: the creation of the newsletter and the user management directly from the frontend

... to the frontend

You can see several AcyMailing modules on this page. All of these modules come from different configurations of them, which is automatically installed with MailerWeb (AcyMailing). You will be able to customize your own module with CSS to fit your website. Follow the tooltips to see the differences

The most important part of MailerWeb (AcyMailing) is the backend. You will be able to manage your users, create mailing lists, newsletters, autoreponders / follow-up campaigns, view your stats, etc.

You can log in to the backend as a demo / demo to test all these features.

... to the backend

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Terms and Conditions


Newsletter Abo
Terms and Conditions


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